Acumatica Case Study:

Austin's Diving Center

acumatica case study


Austin's Diving Center is a well-established business in the South Florida area, serving their community since 1968. In the last few years, they shifted their focus to internet sales and have created a substantial international following due to fabulous technical support in service and repairs.

Changing software systems is never easy, but Blake Elsbree, IT Manager at Austin's Diving Center, realized they needed new software to handle the internet growth and their evolving business focus. 

Learn why Austin's Diving Center chose Southeast Computer Solutions to implement Acumatica and why the tag-team effort of Southeast Computer Solutions and Acumatica has Blake confident and excited about the future of Austin's Diving Center.


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“... the most valuable thing about working with Southeast Computer Solutions is their expertise and thoroughness. It’s nice to know that we’re in good hands; whatever issues we come across they’ll be able to handle because I’m sure they’ve seen it before.”

- Blake Elsbree, IT Manager of Austin's Diving Center



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